Much Ado About Molly

by Molly Moore

Who am I?

I am Molly Moore. I am a blogger, obvious really considering you are reading this on my blog, photographer, author, speaker, podcaster and a full time smutlancer, which means I make my living from my blog and various freelance work I do within the adult industry. This is my main site where I write about sex, relationships, kink, sexuality and variety of other related subjects. Scroll down the page to find out more about other projects I run or an involved with.

More who I am..

I am Queer, Bi-sexual, Non-monogamous, Kinky, Femme, Cis. I would have, up until recently, said I was also submissive but whilst that is definitely a big part of my kink identity I have recently (2020) discovered that I maybe have some domme tendencies that I would like to explore more. I am 48 years old. I am a mum to two kids one of whom is a fully fledged adult and no longer lives at home and one who is nearly an adult and currently still lives with me.

My pronouns are she/her.

This blog

I have been writing this blog since the beginning of 2010. I started it as a place to put some of the many erotic stories I had written and also to encourage me to finish others because I started a lot and never finished them. I thought a blog would help discipline me. In a fit of madness I named it Molly’s DAILY Kiss in the belief I would write something every day. Clearly that was not sustainable but the name stuck and quite frankly whatever day you visit here there is some sort of ‘kiss’ waiting for you.

Clearly things have progressed from those early days and what started as something almost spur of the moment has developed into a career.

You will find frank portrayals and discussions of sex (including images – more on that below) on this blog. Lots of what I write here is about me and my experiences but I also write some sex toy reviews and a lot of fiction as well as covering political and social topics and issues too. You can also find some audio porn thanks to Girl on the Net’s Audio Porn project.

A bit of history

From the early days of this blog right up to mid 2019 I was in a relationship with Michael. We had a 24/7 D/s relationship where he was the Dom and I was the sub. He had moved here to the UK in 2011 to be with me and where married later that year. Much of what I have written about here over those years has been about our relationship, sex life and kink life. Mostly he is referred to on this blog as Michael/Domsigns/Sir.

In 2019 Michael and I separated.

Due to circumstances, for the time being, Michael and I still live in the same house and we are continuing to work on being friends.

I have some mixed feelings about some of the content here relating to that relationship because ending a relationship is hard but mostly I am proud of what it inspired in me to create and glad that I had the experiences I did. It is all part of my journey and this blog has always been about sharing that.

Current affairs

Couldn’t resist the pun in the title.

At the moment I am in an ethical non-monogamous long distance relationship with The Charmer. He is my main partner and at some point in the not too distant future we hope to be able to dispense with the long distant part of things and live together. (Fuck Covid for making this even more impossible) I have written about our kink dynamic here but as things evolve and develop between us I will write more. The Charmer is Cis, Heterosexual, non-monogamous, kinky, dom identifying. His pronouns are He/Him.

The Gentleman – We met in August 2020 (a bright spot in a horrible Covid filled year) We are enjoying getting to know each other and exploring together. He makes me happy. I seem to do the same for him. The Gentleman is Cis, Heterosexual, Non-monogamous, kinky, dom/top, identifying. His pronouns are He/Him.

MJ – He once bought me underwear and then about 6 months later I slipped my brave pants on and slide into his dm’s and confessed that I rather liked him. Turns out he felt the same. MJ is Non-monogamous, Cis, Heteroflexible Kinky, mainly Dom, but open to persuasion. His pronouns are He/Him.

Kink, consent and content warnings.

All the kink that you read about here has been done within the context of a consensual relationship. I do write about some kink that would be considered edge play, for example consensual non-consent, knife play, needle play. Whilst I have not used content warnings throughout the history of this blog I have changed that policy and try to include some sort of introduction that indicated when a subject like that is being discussed.

My Photography

I am a self portrait artist and 99% of the images on my blog have been taken by me. Where they have not I indicate that in the post.

I currently use a mixture of my Canon 7d with a tripod and a CamRanger and my phone camera which is a Samsung s10e. I edit all my images in Lightroom to add a watermark.

Please do not take my images and repost them elsewhere without my consent. If you do see an image here that you would like to use for some reason feel free to get in touch and ask me. For fellow non profit bloggers I am usually more than happy for them to used. If you are a company then you will need to pay me for me work.


I have not written a comment policy on this blog. I really should do that but for the time being. I love comments on my blog but I reserve the right to moderate them and if you come here with vile messages of hate then I will not publish your words. This site is not here for you to spread your hate. Also random penis owners please do use the comment section to offer me use of your penis.

Other Projects

As well as this blog I also run a number of other projects/blog

Sinful Sunday – A weekly photography meme that I started in 2011 for sex bloggers to share their images. I am hugely proud of this project.

Kink of the Week – I took this project over from Pieces of Jade in February 2015. It is a bi-monthly meme that focuses on a kink related topics.

KissCast – My podcast which features interviews with other erotic writers, sex bloggers and other erotic creatives from around the globe. The 2020 season 1 will be starting very soon.

The 365 Project – An image for every day of the year which is in its 8th year and where you can find my non adult photography. This project continues on but I no longer post something every day.

Anonymous – Do you have a secret to share, a confession to make, a rant to give. This is a space for you to do that where only you will know who you are.

The Top 100 Sex Blogs List – This is annual project that takes place here on my blog. I took the list over from another blogger in 2015. Every November I publish a curated list of the top 100 sex blogs.

Eroticon – In 2016 I took over running Eroticon with Girl on the Net and Michael Knight. It is an annual conference that takes place in London. As of 2019 Eroticon is run solely by me.

The Smutlancer – The Smutlancer website was created by at Kayla Lords. In 2019 we decided to collaborate and created The Smutlancer patreon community. If you are a fellow blogger or adult creative looking to develop their skills then check this out. – I write a regular Q and A column here answering all sorts of kink, BDSM and sex related questions from readers.

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