February Photofest

by Molly Moore
february Photofest badge 2020

Post at least one image every day on your blog for the entire month of February!

The Rules
  • Your post must contain a photograph that you took or that someone took of you.
  • It must have some sort of erotic/sensual feel about it at the very least.
  • You must 18 years of age or over.
  • No images of illegal activates including, drug taking, bestiality, pedophilia or any sexual acts with a minor.
  • Your post can contain words but it MUST contain a minimum of at least one image.
  • Ideally you must post one image every day but if you miss the odd one here and there then I will let that slide but you will need a minimum of 5 posts a week for the whole month otherwise I maybe a big old meany and remove your link especially if you stop posting after the first week.
  • No product reviews.
  • No password protected posts
  • You can use images that you have previously posted on your blog but please do try to create new content as well. For example lots of people do Throw Back Thursday as part of this where you repost an old image, either as it is or many use that as an excuse to change the edit on them.
  • Follow the instructions below on how to create a link to a category page on your blog to post in the link tool below
  • If you wish to add your link below then you will need to display the February Photofest badge (which you can code for below) on your post with a link back to this page.
  • Tweet, promote, tell your friends about it as much as you can and lastly but by no means least please don’t forget to visit the other people who are joining in and leave them some comment love.
Can I join in on Twitter?

Only if you don’t have a blog. If you do, please post it there but if not then you can join in on Twitter by creating a Twitter thread and linking the first post in the linky tool below. Please make sure you use the #hashtag in your tweets too as you can’t display the badge and also tweet this page out from time to time so your followers can find the other blogs joining in.

How to create a category link for this page

1. Create a new category on your blog. Call it whatever you like but I suggest something like FebPhotoFest2021 (for those joining in again this year you will need to make sure it distinguishes from last years, hence adding the year)
  2. Create your first February Photofest post and make sure you tag it with your new category (Please include the badge if you are going to link in. Publish your first post.  
3. Go to your blog and select the new category. This will generate a category page. It is this url that you want to post in the linky tool below. Every time you add a post to the category it will automatically be added to that page on your site & so you will only need to put your link in here once. (Example of how the link to my page looked last year https://molly.unsubtle.design/category/february-photofest-2020/)  
4. Enter said link into the linky tool below  
5. If you need help with any of the above contact me!  

I think that just about covers it. Now all the remains to be to seen is if any other bloggers are mad enough to join me on 28 days of photography madness.

Also if you are looking for daily inspiration then check out the Love Yourself meme who has a daily photography prompt for the whole of February and you can link into that meme and here.

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